KC Bjornsen has been a writer for many years; poetry, short stories and journals chronicling her life and travels. As a writer of fiction, she has discovered her works fit eclectically into two genres: Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy & Science Fiction. She is in the process of completing a book, which is part of an eight book series (so far) with a Vampire heroine, Magdelena. A civilized Vampire heroine. Mostly civilized. And a mixture of lively romance, with space travel, time travel, robots and aliens: it’s a big universe out there.

How KC comes to write authentically about the fanciful has its roots in her overseas residences in three developing countries, where the improbable kept happening, and the impossible was the only way out. Her exotic experiences triggered an interest in fantasy, and she is now a full time writer. Her various overseas travels (51 countries and counting) have also lent insights into the unique, the bizarre, the unbelievable—and invite the exploration of the world of fantasy!

Think Nepal, Giza, Rio, the Great Wall, Prague, Acapulco, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Lagos, Mandalay, Sumatra, Nairobi, Singapore, Gabon. These places beckoned, and she answered the traveler’s call. And took notes. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” (Lao Tzu). In her books, the adventures of her heroine into implausible futures find fun in fantasy. And she hopes for you—entertainment in reading.